The issues

Everyone in Hillsboro deserves a place to call home, safe transportation, a healthy environment, and a place where their family can flourish.  – Olivia Alcaire, Hillsboro City Councilor

Affordable Housing

We have a crisis here in Hillsboro, and I can’t sit back and do nothing, knowing that there are community members who need us to take action right now.” – Olivia Alcaire.


I serve on the boards of two non-profit affordable housing organizations – Willamette West Habitat for Humanity and Bienestar of Oregon; both provide critical housing to low-income, at-risk families. I understand what is at stake, and I will vote to ensure we have housing options at all income levels, including affordable housing for working families. And I’ll fight for fair housing laws, because no family should live in fear of no cause evictions. 51% of our residents are renters; those families deserve to feel stable in their homes.

Because it takes a $19/hr job to afford a one-bedroom apartment, I will support initiatives that continue to make Hillsboro a leading economic region for our state. I will encourage companies to offer above minimum wage jobs so that people can afford to live and thrive here in Hillsboro.

The homeless members of our community need us. They need temporary shelter and a permanent place to call home. I support shelters with services during evenings and weekends – because crises just don’t happen from 8 to 5, and I will fight for fair, affordable housing options.

Youth and Families

“As an educator, I know that supporting schools is a crucial part of an effective economic strategy.” – Olivia Alcaire.

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We may not fund schools directly like the state, but as city councilors, we have a stake in our education system. Schools are one of the main  reasons people and businesses decide to live where they live – and I intend to ensure there is strong relationship between city hall and the Hillsboro School District.


“I serve on the transportation committee because I want children to feel safe walking to school and back home without having to risk their lives in traffic on streets without sidewalks.” – Olivia Alcaire.

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I chose to serve on the transportation committee because I saw it as another opportunity to advocate for children in our community. Working on this committee has exposed me to a new set of issues. We need good, safe roads, but families and children also need the option of safely walking home from school. I will fight for more sidewalks to give parents peace of mind and reduce congestion as more people choose to walk because the infrastructure is there.